Natalia Kulbacka

Natalia graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology with both Bachelor’s (2020) and Master of Science in Engineering degree in chemical technology (2021) in the specialization of Functional Polymer, Electroactive, and Highly Energetic Materials. During her studies Natalia was working in the Team of Biomaterials and Polymers for Biomedical Applications, focusing on the synthesis of polycations with antibacterial properties. She made a library of rigid amphiphilic polymers having an extensive hydrophilic group. In her Master Thesis, Natalia worked on the synthesis of new polycations containing an additional hydroxyl group. All projects were carried out under the supervision of Prof. Dominik Jańczewski. In the meantime, Natalia was working in the start-up on the extraction and purification of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids from marine microalgae. Apart from chemistry, Natalia enjoys philosophy and art a lot, especially acrylic painting and playing the accordion.

Funding: National Agency for Academic Exchange


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