Welcome to the Gawel Research group. We are an international team of young ambitious chemists making new materials for organic electronics. We are excited about developing new approaches for the materials of the future.

News about the group

Today the Gawel Group officially started its existence. Welcome @MohadeseYghb and @MajdeckiMaciek on board! Big thanks to Maciek for enormous help in refurbishing and setting up the lab! http://gawel.edu.pl #NewPI #NewTeam #NewLife

Masked Alkyne Equivalents for the Synthesis of Mechanically Interlocked Polyynes (Anderson) @HLAGroupOx https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/anie.202013623

My first tweet of 2021 is going to be about 1 dose vs. 2 dose vaccine. I have tweeted in the past of the immunological advantages of a 2 dose vaccine. However, given the enhanced transmission variants on the rise, we need a modified strategy. (1/n)


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