Welcome to the Gawel Research group. We are an international team of young ambitious chemists making new materials for organic electronics. We are excited about developing new approaches for the materials of the future.

News about the group

Only 3 weeks left to apply for a PostDoc position in our group. If you are passionate about polycyclic aromatic structures and organic materials this is your dream job. Funded by @NCN_PL For details see http://gawel.edu.pl/index.php/join-us/
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📢 POLONEZ BIS programme offers an opportunity for 120 experienced researchers to pursue their projects in Poland🇵🇱.
✔️ We have just published the guidelines for applicants❗️🔗https://ncn.gov.pl/aktualnosci/2021-07-06-zapowiedz-polonez-bis?language=en

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