Welcome to the Gawel Research group. We are an international team of young ambitious chemists making new materials for organic electronics. We are excited about developing new approaches for the materials of the future.

News about the group

Download the white paper based on the discussion we and Nano from @nresearchnews had with @NanoAmaze @FunSizeSuze @MichelRickhaus and @GawelPrzemyslaw about Nanotechnology and moving research from the lab bench to the market shelf. #nanotechnology


Polycyclic aromatic chemists got a new toy to play with their brick insoluble molecules! https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/jacs.1c00906#.YGQ08_K4MnE.twitter

All interested scholars of any nationality and representing all research disciplines can apply for @PASIFIC_PAS – 2-year postdoctoral fellowships at the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Recruitment is now open. The deadline: June 30th. https://institution.pan.pl/index.php/666-the-first-call-for-pasific-programme

Today the Gawel Group officially started its existence. Welcome @MohadeseYghb and @MajdeckiMaciek on board! Big thanks to Maciek for enormous help in refurbishing and setting up the lab! http://gawel.edu.pl #NewPI #NewTeam #NewLife

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